Daily Schedule Wednesday

6a Unity in the Community
8a Up Close w/ Monique
9a Black in Business
10a Cannabis 101
11a Rising and Thriving with Armida
12n Smooth Grooves
1p  Cannabis 101 (L)
2p  Unity in the Community
3p  Black in Business (L)
4p  SuSanity Life
5p  Rising and Thriving with Armida
6p  Unsupervised Sports
7p  Smooth Grooves
8p  Smooth Grooves
9p  Smooth Grooves
10p Thick Chick Comedy
11p Cannabis 101
12a Woo 508
1a  Smooth Grooves
2a  Smooth Grooves
3a  Smooth Grooves
4a  Smooth Grooves
5a  Smooth Grooves
Cannabis101 1.15.20

Cannabis 101

1PM & 11PM

Wednesday 4-5pm

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Susanity original

Smooth Grooves
with E.C.

E.C. presents the hottest R&B and Soul artists with a smooth-flowing soundscape. Finally relax, rewind and enjoy our hand-picked playlist featuring all of the best sounds from yesterday and today.