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Up Close
with Monieke McNeil

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Empowerment Live
with Teranie Tirado

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Unity in the Community
Tuesdays 12pm-1pm

Join host Ernie Floyd as we embrace the city of Worcester's diverse cultural communities, music, the arts, and healthy lifestyles by connecting with various community leaders, politicians, business owners and more! The show is primarily focused on community betterment, involvement, and activism to promote the importance of a well-rounded, connected city. 
Unsupervised sports

Unsupervised Sports
Tuesdays 6pm-7pm


Rising and thriving with armida final 2

Rising and Thriving
with Armida Abreu Martinez

Divine Growth Coaching presents Rising and Thriving with Armida. A brand new radio talk show that will be kicking off on Wednesday, May 5th at 5pm on Unity Radio 97.9 FM.

This radio show gives listeners the unique opportunity to call in to the show and receive LIVE expert relationship guidance from our very own Life Coach, Armida Abreu Martinez. The main goal is to make coaching sessions and guidance more accessible to members of our community!

Listeners: Call in at 508-471-5265 every Wednesday live at 5pm - 6pm for LIVE guidance!
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Talking Wellness
Thursdays 12pm-1pm

Hear from the movers and shakers in Central MA and elsewhere who are on the front lines of providing services, as well as fighting back against the stigma of mental health diagnosis. Always with a focus on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, Mike uses his connections as Program Manager for Worcester’s own Kiva Center to bring the spotlight on the agencies and the people in the forefront of changing the illness model into a wellness model. Insightful, thoughtful and meaningful conversations about a topic long overdue for a place in mainstream conversation.
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Unsupervised Sports
Thursday 6pm-7pm


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Stand Ups and Stand Outs
with Serenity Jones
Fridays 3PM - 4PM

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Connecting worcester style with lisa and doug

Connecting Worcester Style
with Lisa & Doug

Fridays 11am-12pm

Light hearted show where we connect with people in the community and out to learn about each other and current events
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The revive effect

Revive Effect
Fridays 5pm-6pm

Mission Statement: To rise from ground zero and build a collective of conscious individuals around the world. To foster the inevitable mission to harmonize the world into one peaceful human race, we aim to take an alternative course in fighting against the inequality and injustice with the blessings and creative powers bestowed upon us. We call for mass manifestation and raising our vibration to bring more peace and balance to the to the world, maximizing our resources to build health, wealth and spiritual growth, beautifying our communities and encouraging our youth to strive to reach positions of leadership and power. Finally, we aim to add value and ReVive the world from ill knowledge and centuries of false Dogma that’s been forced upon us, because no man gets left behind, no child gets left to starve, and no dream gets left to die, WE ARE! The ReVive Effect!
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Saturdays at 12PM

The StreetSquad MixShow

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In the Spirit
on Gospel Gold

with Patience Hemenway

Sundays 9AM
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Youth views

Youth Views

Sundays 4PM-5PM