Talking Wellness
Thursdays 12pm-1pm

Hear from the movers and shakers in Central MA and elsewhere who are on the front lines of providing services, as well as fighting back against the stigma of mental health diagnosis. Always with a focus on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, Mike uses his connections as Program Manager for Worcester’s own Kiva Center to bring the spotlight on the agencies and the people in the forefront of changing the illness model into a wellness model. Insightful, thoughtful and meaningful conversations about a topic long overdue for a place in mainstream conversation.
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Unsupervised Sports
Thursday 6pm-7pm


Smooth Grooves
with E.C.

E.C. presents the hottest contemporary Jazz artists with a smooth-flowing soundscape. Finally relax, rewind and enjoy our hand-picked playlist featuring all of the best sounds from yesterday and today.