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City of Worcester Preparing for Tropical Storm Henri
Worcester – As Tropical Storm Henri moves north with an anticipated landfall in Southeastern Massachusetts sometime Sunday afternoon, the Department of Public Works & Parks, along with Emergency Management and the City Manager’s Office, are taking proactive measures to ensure safety among Worcester residents. The storm is expected to arrive Sunday afternoon and last through most of Monday, but be aware that this is only a predication and the path of the storm may change at any time.
Among safety measures being taken in anticipation of the storm are the following:
•        Barricades are being placed in known low lying areas prone to flash flooding for quicker street closure response
•        MassDOT will have crews standing by to monitor state roadways
•        All forestry trucks and other equipment being fully fueled and outfitted for emergency response, additional crews on standby
•        Catch basins and culverts/brooks are being cleaned and cleared of any existing debris to assist with storm water run off
•        Increased interdepartmental communication with Emergency Communications/Dispatch and DPW&P for quicker response to stranded motor vehicles and downed trees/debris
•        Potential to activate Emergency Operations Center (EOC) if conditions warrant
Motorists are urged to stay off the road during periods of potential inundation and flooding. For those that must be on the road, they should be aware of the potential for manhole covers to become dislodged due to water pressure, which can be extremely dangerous upon impact as well as leaving an uncovered surface in the road. Motorists should never risk driving through pools of storm water, the depth of which is often deceiving. It doesn’t take much for a motor vehicle to get carried away; even the bigger and sturdier trucks and SUV’s can be vulnerable with hurricane force winds and pooling storm water.
If storm conditions follow the current forecast trends, there is a high likelihood that trash and recycling collection will be suspended on Monday and other facility operations could be impacted, such as yard waste/recycling drop off centers, aquatics, etc. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/20/21 MEDIA CONTACT: 
Walter Bird 508-799-1175, Ext. 31311 (work); 774-502-6704 (cell); (email)
City of Worcester Preparing for Tropical Storm Henri
Worcester – As Tropical Storm Henri moves north with an anticipated landfall in Southeastern Massachusetts sometime Sunday afternoon, the Department of Public Works & Parks, along with Emergency Management and the City Manager’s Office, are taking proactive measures to ensure safety among Worcester residents. The storm is expected to arrive Sunday afternoon and last through most of Monday, but be aware that this is only a predication and the path of the storm may change at any time. 
Among safety measures being taken in anticipation of the storm are the following: 
•        Barricades are being placed in known low lying areas prone to flash flooding for quicker street closure response 
•        MassDOT will have crews standing by to monitor state roadways
•        All forestry trucks and other equipment being fully fueled and outfitted for emergency response, additional crews on standby 
•        Catch basins and culverts/brooks are being cleaned and cleared of any existing debris to assist with storm water run off
•        Increased interdepartmental communication with Emergency Communications/Dispatch and DPW&P for quicker response to stranded motor vehicles and downed trees/debris
•        Potential to activate Emergency Operations Center (EOC) if conditions warrant 
Motorists are urged to stay off the road during periods of potential inundation and flooding. For those that must be on the road, they should be aware of the potential for manhole covers to become dislodged due to water pressure, which can be extremely dangerous upon impact as well as leaving an uncovered surface in the road. Motorists should never risk driving through pools of storm water, the depth of which is often deceiving. It doesn’t take much for a motor vehicle to get carried away; even the bigger and sturdier trucks and SUV’s can be vulnerable with hurricane force winds and pooling storm water. 
If storm conditions follow the current forecast trends, there is a high likelihood that trash and recycling collection will be suspended on Monday and other facility operations could be impacted, such as yard waste/recycling drop off centers, aquatics, etc.
In addition to flash flooding, there is a concern for high winds in Worcester County. Residents should prepare by having an emergency kit and generators ready and bring light/loose items indoors.
Residents should report downed trees and debris to (508) 799-8606 or (508) 929-1300. Downed power lines and outages should be reported to National Grid at (800) 322-3223. In an emergency, residents are advised to call 911. 
Cow location change for arpa community input session
During COVID-19 Pandemic
Sunday Worship Service
1pm EST/12pm CST

Call: 605-313-5072
Access Code: 701820#

A Place to Heal Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 380698
Cambridge, MA 02238-0698

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A Place to Heal Ministries

Sharing God's Unconditional Love with All people...


 asmine Smith
Director of Operational Development
Yes, We Care, Inc.
55 Illinois St
Worcester, MA 01610

What: Back to School Bash!

Where55 Illinois St, Worcester, MA  01610

When: Friday August 27th @ 3PM-6PM

Why: To provide school supplies and food distribution to those in need in our community, provide job opportunities, and to provide vaccine shots who those who would like one.

Yes We Care, Inc. a local 501c3 non-profit operating out of Worcester, MA. We are partnering with Amazon and the WooSox to sponsor our Annual Back to School Bash!

We will have 200 backpacks filled with school supplies (courtesy of Amazon) that will be distributing to students in need.  Amazon will be taking applications for employment, WooSox will have giveaways, there will be food available for families to pick up where they will have their selection of meats, dairy, vegetables, fruit, bread, and a variety of snacks. Attendees will also be able to get a their COVID vaccine. 

We would like to have some news coverage prior to and the day of the event.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
House of Representatives
24 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02133



State Representative Mary Keefe, 15th Worcester District
(508) 404-3005

Community Stand Out on Toxic Fumes from DAMD Auto Body

WORCESTER (8/12/2021)Representative Mary Keefe will join community leaders and residents in speaking about the public nuisance via hazardous emissions from DAMD Auto Body, located at 105 Piedmont Street, Worcester, MA on Thursday, August 12th, 2021 at 5:00 pm. The press conference will be held at the corner of Larch and Piedmont Streets in Worcester, MA

DAMD Auto Body has expanded their business over the past several years. While this may be positive for DAMD, it has come at a cost to the quality of life for neighborhood residents. DAMD was served a cease and desist by the City in July of 2020 and has been in contempt multiple times over the past year for not installing the new air filtration system.  The latest deadline identified by the City and upheld in the courts was Friday August 6th, 2021.
DAMD Auto Body did not meet this deadline.

“The fumes are so bad, that during nice weather days we cannot open windows or doors, or even enjoy our yard. If the fumes come into the house, the smell lingers for hours. As an asthmatic, this is problematic for my health. I've had to increase the times I use my inhaler, as well as the use of meds for the headaches it causes. Someone's livelihood should not interfere with our quality of life & health,” said resident Saul Ramos

This most recent development is another example of how this issue of environmental justice, health equity, and social equity, continues to be dragged out, despite the health and quality of life issues it brings upon the residents of the Piedmont Neighborhood.

“Painting has been nonstop these past couple days. My headaches are really bad, and my mom felt lightheaded and nauseas all day yesterday, and it was worse during the night. She was really sick” said resident Jenny Quinones.

“The expansion of the work at DAMD constitutes industrial level activity and should NOT be allowed in a residential neighborhood.  This is why we have zoning.” said Patricia Kirkpatrick, of Mother’s Out Front. ”Zoning is a way for government to make sure that people’s quality of life and commercial interests are not at opposite purposes.  We couldn’t be more polar opposite on this issue than we are today.  Families health is at stake.”

- Residents are demanding that DAMD be reloacted to a non -residential area and to get out of the present location in the Piedmont neighborhood.  Residents are calling on the City of Worcester to work with DAMD and use city resources to make this happen.  

- Residents are calling on the city’s inspectional services and the Worcester Fire Department to be diligent on enforcing ordinances that show DAMD’s actions of storing vehicles on the adjacent lot at 101 Piedmont and number off cars (no more than 10 allowed) on the shop lot. 
  • Residents are seeking assistance from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to assist in resolving this injustice, health issue and public nuisance.

- Residents are calling on the City Manager, Ed Augustus to make this a priority of his     office at this time.

Participating Organizations and Allies:    

Office of State Representative Mary Keefe                                                 
Mothers Out Front (Patricia Kirkpatrick 508-656-7488 )
Pleasant St. Neighborhood Network Center                                                 
350 Central MA
Worcester Common Ground                                                                         
Piedmont Families and Neighbors (Jenny Quinones 774-262-1369 & Saul Ramos                                             774-386-9789)
Mustard Seed                                                                                                
Pleasant Area Community Team
Crown Hill Neighborhood Association
Family Heath Center

Worcesterpride 2021 logo

A rally for change, a celebration for community.

Worcester Pride is coming back to Worcester, September 8-14, 2021. Pride week is being coordinated by the Queer Coalition of Greater Worcester, a collaborative community initiative working to bring activities supporting LGBTQ+ folx in Central Mass closer together.

Pride Worcester Is Happening -- With Your Help
Mark your calendars for September 8-14, 2021.
Pride Week in Worcester is back this September with some big changes!  Last organized by 21st Century Pride in 2019, this year’s events are being coordinated by the Queer Coalition of Greater Worcester. Founded in 2019, the Coalition is a collaborative community of LGBTQ+ organizations and activists bringing initiatives supporting LGBTQ+ folx in Central MA closer together.
Celebrating Pride and the progress of our LGBTQ+ community includes recognizing the work of marginalized people, both in history and today.  Before and during the pandemic, community members called for change to elevate the experiences of queer and trans people of color and other marginalized identities in our region. Through the Queer Coalition of Greater Worcester, a decentralized, collaborative planning approach with new people at the table endeavors to do just that. The Coalition includes 508 Pride, Love Your Labels, LGBT Asylum Task Force, Queer the Scene, Creative Hub Worcester, many other organizations, and dozens of individuals and activists that represent the diversity of the Greater Worcester community.
None of us are free until all of us are free and liberation does not come without the help of many hands. We need the community’s support to make 2021 Pride Worcester a reality. The Coalition has launched a crowdfunding campaign to ensure this celebration can reach its full potential. Funds will be used for entertainment, event rentals, and permits for a community rally and block party on September 11. Be a part of this important community action by making a donation and sharing on your personal and organizational social media.
Stay tuned as we release a full slate of events, including parties, rallies, community days, and more. Join us in making history by visiting to donate or submit your interest in volunteering or vending at events.

Pride Worcester is coordinated by the Queer Coalition of Greater Worcester, which is convened by Love Your Labels, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Worcester, MA. Contributions in support of Pride Worcester are tax deductible.

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VHN Newsroom                                                                                                07-30-2021

Vocero Hispano Newspaper, Inc.
WORCESTER, MA - Audio Journal, Central Massachusetts’ radio reading service for individuals who are visually or print impaired, resumed weekly broadcasts of Vocero Hispano Newspaper, Massachusetts Spanish language newspaper, beginning June 24, 2021.

Audio Journal is fortunate to have two volunteers reading this statewide Spanish newspaper. Prior to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, Audio Journal broadcast the readings weekly. While restrictions were in place, and safety was paramount, one of those volunteers recorded the program at home for later broadcast. The program aired the first Friday of each month at 3 p.m. Now with readers being able to return to the studios, the program will air every Friday at 3 p.m.

Executive Director, Mary Frandsen, said, “I am happy to continue our collaboration with Vocero Hispano. Connecting visually and print impaired listeners, no matter their native language, to their communities through broadcasting readings of local news is our mission.”

“The collaboration between Vocero Hispano and Audio Journal is an essential part to our community outreach at Vocero Hispano. This service allows us to connect with members of the Hispanic community who are visually or print impaired by expanding our reach and effectiveness in keeping them included and informed. We thank the Executive Director of Audio Journal, Mrs. Mary Frandsen for all her efforts, the readers Mrs. Evelyn Gonzalez and Mr. Larry Smith for their generous service, and the rest of the team at Audio Journal for their roles. We are very excited to resume and reaffirm our collaboration in service of the Hispanic Community.,” said Mr. Pablo D. Santiago, President / CEO of Vocero Hispano Newspaper, Inc.

For more information about Audio Journal, go, call 508-797-1117. or email

For more information on Vocero Hispano Newspaper, please visit:, call 1-866-VHN-NEWS, or email


Audio Journal’s mission in Central Massachusetts is to connect individuals with a visual impairment, or an inability to access print material, to their communities through broadcasting of local news, information, and entertainment with exclusive programs and content.

Vocero Hispano Newspaper is a statewide Hispanic language newspaper, printed weekly since 1990, offering objective and informative news and information, a leader in Hispanic marketing in Massachusetts, published in print and online.
For more information visit:
Vocero Hipano Newpaper, Inc. | The Publishers Building, 44 Hamiliton Street, Southbridge, MA 01550
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WORCESTER, MA May 13, 2021 / Unity-News-Wire
Launched just weeks ago, SAFE4R is the first Global Social Protection App for smart devices.

It provides immediate support in the event of any crisis. This mobile app is redefining the concept of “safety in numbers” by using technology to simultaneously send Alert message to “witnesses” and livestream from your phone to all witnesses,  your location and recording files uploaded to the cloud for 6 months, notify local Police and much more.

“SAFE4R has far-reaching implications for personal safety. Each of us is a potential victim, every minute of every day.  Together we can create the SAFE4R Global Safety Net”    Rocky Wright (Developer)

The app can be activated by voice or button click, immediately notifying your designated “witnesses”, sending a livestream to them and to the cloud w      here it cannot be erased, and can also be given to the authorities.  The unique functions of this app are that it can alert all users with-in 1,500 sq. ft. of your  precise GPS data, enabling witnesses and first responders to locate you quickly.   The Safety Net provides a new layer of immediate response that works with the 911 system.
More than 45,000 users in an early beta test are now active with the Safety Net growing every day.   For more info, visit SAFE4R where there are links to YouTube explaining the technology.  For less than $0.20/day anyone can be Safe4r!   A free version is available with limited features. 
REFERRAL CODE:  Use URSAFE4R for a 15% off discount on all paid subscriptions
BY: BP Staff Editor for Science, Medicine and Technology
UNITY-NEWS-WIRE.  (© Alliance Media Group 2021)
Contact BP at for comments and corrections

Download "SAFE4R.Presser.21.5 - Safe4r Inc. Edits - Final for 5-13-21.pdf"

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Applying to College: A Virtual Panel
for Worcester Black and African

Please Join Us on Wednesday March 3rd from 6:00-7:00pm
  • Hear college admissions counselors clarify the college application process
  • Learn about benefits of attending a university in Worcester
  • Hear a current student’s perspective on the process
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions answered in a live Q&A
    Registration for event highly encouraged:
    Zoom Information:
    Hosted by Worcester State University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Assumption University, and Clark University

We are Black people who live and/or work in Worcester. Our purpose is to address institutional and systemic racism and the inequities that exist for Black people in our society as it relates to the City of Worcester

February 22, 2021
Black Families Together (BFT) is encouraged by the steps that the City Manager and Mayor have taken to show their commitment towards addressing institutional and systemic racism in the city of Worcester. BFT has made many demands for city leaders to address institutional and systemic racism and the inequities that exist for Black people in our society as it relates to the city of Worcester.

In response to the communication filed by the City Manager for the Worcester City Council meeting on February 23, BFT recently became aware of this in-depth filing. As such, BFT will fully vet these filings and recommendations this week and will share a comprehensive response shortly.

In the interim, BFT offers the following response: The number one demand for our Education Reform and Policing/Criminal Justice Reform priority areas is to remove police officers from WPS.

As such, we are fully in support of the recommendation to remove police officers from WPS, however, we would like to see the timeline adjusted to an earlier date We fully support the Executive Order acknowledging that institutional and systemic racist exists in the departments of the city. Establishing a community/civilian review board was our third demand. We are disappointed that this was not included in the list of recommendations.

The Division of Investigations falls short of this demand. City employees investigating themselves is not reform. We hold firm on our demand that a community/civilian board is necessary to address institutional and systemic racism in the WPD and to have the accountability and transparency that all residents deserve.
For more information, please contact
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Beatriz Contes, Vice President, Renaissance Medical Group
774-420-2311, ext. 102

Sarai Rivera

Southbridge, MA – On Monday, February 22, Renaissance Medical Group (RMG) will begin offering one-on-one vaccine registration assistance to RMG patients and adult day health care members at the RMG Center for Health and Wellness - Southbridge. Bi-lingual caregivers will work directly with patients and members to explain the benefits of vaccination, identify vaccination appointment availability and complete appointment registrations. As a Latino healthcare provider, RMG is uniquely poised to help a community that has seen one of the highest infection rates, yet lowest vaccinations rates.
Recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation highlights the largely disproportionate share of eligible Latinos registering and receiving COVID-19 vaccines, with non-Hispanic whites accounting for 81% of vaccines administered in MA, compared to only 5% of Hispanics. The Centers for Disease Control attributes this gap to language and technology barriers, as well as accessibility to medical facilities and vaccination sites.
Over the weekend, MA state legislators including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, State Rep. Nika Elugardo joined a roundtable hosted by Sen. Ed Markey to discuss the importance of improving access and distribution of the vaccine to underserved and communities of color.  In response to that dialogue, Jesus Suarez, CEO of RMG, says “We appreciate Sen. Markey’s leadership and the attention that he is bringing to the burden our communities have carried throughout this pandemic. We have seen that burden firsthand and RMG is ready and able to make a significant impact.”
For more information about RMG’s vaccination registration program, or to schedule a visit to the RMG Center for Health and Wellness, please contact RMG Vice President, Beatriz Contes at or 774-230-0391.
Renaissance Medical Group is a 360 health care company providing a wide-range of wellness programs and services including primary care, behavioral health, pharmacy, adult day health care, dental and in-home services. Our bi-lingual caregivers care for English and Spanish-speaking communities at locations in Lawrence, Springfield, Southbridge and Worcester.
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Community Organizer Job Description

Organizational Overview


Founded in 1993, Worcester Interfaith (WI) develops leaders & organizes power to work for Racial and Economic justice. We are a collective of congregations & community-based organizations in Worcester, MA which represent the racial, socio-economic & geographic diversity of the city. WI combines faith values, community organizing and leadership development  to engage our community  in issues that disproportionately affect residents of color, and those of low-income or newcomer status. Over the course of 25 years, we’ve leveraged community support & funding for neighborhood pools, parks & recreation, Community Schools, infrastructure improvements, workforce development & employment opportunities for youth & adults, education and health equity while advocating for policy changes at the local & state level.

Position Overview
Worcester Interfaith is looking for a Community Organizer to lead a few of our active campaigns including our Education Equity work. This includes organizing Parents and youth as well as working with our Faith and lay leaders with our member Congregations. The Organizer will work with new and existing organizing teams. The Organizer will engage our leaders in our campaigns, identify new leaders and work on identifying systems and policies of inequity. The Organizer will then work with leaders, WI and the community to identify strategies to address those inequities. We are looking for someone that is excited about relational organizing, leadership development and is investing in addressing issues of Systemic change.

Duties and Responsibilities

Congregational,  Community Leadership and Work in Coalition
  • Participate actively in our current and new coalitions: share ideas, build power analysis, contribute to campaign development, recruit community members to join and take public action to change policy
  • Support and convene Worcester Coalition for Educational Equity: 1:1 meetings with coalition members, cultivate strong relationships with members over time, maintain member list, schedule meetings, facilitate or co-facilitate, co-lead campaign planning and 
  • Represent Worcester Interfaith in calls on locally, statewide and nationally related to issues we are working on or interested in
  • Organize Parents and Youth
  • Create small groups of parents across the city to build a Network of Parents who have organized power
  • Work with Leaders of assigned congregations to build strong local organizing committees within member congregations
  • Facilitate active connections between Board members’ congregational social justice work, our coalitions, and other initiatives we hear about; motivate individuals and organizations to take deeper and more effective action over time
  • Maintain the issue work to which we are committed.
  • Coordinate the participation of leaders in training workshops and conduct sessions as needed
  • Regularly seek out and build relationships with new leaders and facilitate bringing in new member institutions/organizations (Particularly in Immigrant and Communities of Color as well as store front congregations)
  • Prepare materials for training session, printing handouts, technology and room set-up, prep flipchart etc.

Issue Development
  • Train leaders in the organizing model as laid out by MCAN, involving leaders in every step of the process.  Use that tool as a guide for identifying the issues that need to be addressed.
  • Support the development of leaders through regular one on ones to tackle the changes they are focused on in the most strategic and powerful way

Structural Development
  • Build an organizational culture based on strong relationships, a deep moral vision that shows up in public, and builds community.
  • Restructure the board to ensure a better balance of lay people and clergy, and to allow for the establishment of more ad hoc committees to carry out the work.
  • Staff Board committees; support annual meetings, conduct fundraisers, write and format newsletters, etc. as needed
  • Increase engagement with diverse congregations and congregations of color.
  • Revisit our membership and dues structure in order to ensure they don’t serve as barriers to participation.
  • Participate with the Board and Faith Leaders’ Caucus in an ongoing strategic planning process, including working with other leaders to give input and review
  • Attend and actively participate in weekly Staff-Meetings, strategic planning meetings, facilitating where needed and internal communications.
  • Attend and actively participate in bi-monthly Massachusetts Community Action Network (MCAN) All-Staff meetings, MCAN Leader Assemblies, and any other MCAN related trainings or events, including those
            which may be recommended in and out of state when appropriate.

Fundraising and Administrative
  • Work with leaders to engage and develop relationships with local businesses that can support the organization during the Annual Fundraiser
  • Coordinate with Executive Director to maintain Grant Calendar, crafting competitive grant proposals and building/maintaining relationships with foundation staff as needed
  • Coordinate leaders and staff for foundation site visits, facilitate those meetings;
  • Finalize and submit a minimum of one grant application by the end of the fiscal year. 

  • Develop a working knowledge of the issues, challenges, history and political environment of the city of Worcester and surrounding towns
  • Reflect on the power analysis of the political, economic and religious leaders and structures of the city of Worcester and surrounding towns
  • Meet weekly with Executive Director for one on one coaching, development, supervision, and project support
  • Provide written content for newsletter as needed; coordinate and collect      written material from leaders for newsletter as needed
  • Engage in rebranding, including drafting a new mission statement and developing a strategic and robust communications program (website, social media and email).

  • High level of consciousness and/or a willingness to learn and engage in conversations around race, class, gender, and faith/spirituality
  • Two to five years’ experience, with an openness to being coached and developed further
  • Self-motivation, detail-oriented, able to take initiative and ownership of projects, and able to provide creative and strategic feedback in the planning process
  • High level of consciousness around race, class, and interfaith language and practice
  • Some experience or understanding of organizing work with an openness to being coached and developed further
  • A self-starter who’s detail-oriented, able to take initiative and ownership of projects, and able to provide creative and strategic feedback in the planning process 
  • Relational work style: ability to listen well, collaborate, tell stories, and coach effectively 
  • Other qualifications that would be helpful include language skills (especially Spanish), computer skills (Google Suite, Microsoft, etc), and basic grant writing or fundraising 

This is a full-time Salaried position. Salary commensurate with experience 

To apply: Please send an electronic file of your resume and a cover letter expressing your interest in this position and your qualifications to

We will accept applications until the position is filled. Worcester Interfaith has a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion - people of color, women and members of other under-represented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Worcester Interfaith ~ First Baptist Church, 111 Park Avenue, Worcester, MA 01609
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Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance Continuum of Care is one of the recipients of HUD Renewed Funding to prevent homelessness

Contact: Leah Bradley, Executive Director                                            For Immediate Release
(508) 688-7375                                                                                           February 10, 2021                                                               

WORCESTER, MA- On January 26, 2021, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced $2.5 billion in renewed support for local housing and homeless assistance across the nation. Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance Continuum of Care (CoC) is one of the three recipients receiving $7,188,853.00 to continue funding programs critical to preventing homelessness in Worcester and Worcester County.
The funding will support CMHA, as the lead agency for Worcester City and County Continuum of Care, to continue working with its seven partner agencies to implement eighteen CoC-funded Permanent Supportive Housing, Transitional Housing and Safe Haven programs, providing 402 units for families and/or individuals experiencing homelessness. Additionally, the funding will fund three non-housing projects, Homeless Management Information System, Coordinated Assessment, and Planning, supporting CoC efforts to plan, coordinate and gather important data to inform and shape homeless prevention services and policy.
“Every day we hear stories of people desperate to find shelter and resources to keep them safe from this pandemic. No one should have to put their head on the pillow at night without shelter and resources to keep them and their families safe. People experiencing homelessness and those on the verge of becoming homeless are under immense strain. This funding is critical to make sure that our most vulnerable community members have shelter and the supports they need,” said Leah Bradley, Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance Executive Director.
"We are the richest country on the planet, and it is simply unacceptable for any of our fellow Americans to experience homelessness," said Congressman Jim McGovern. "Fortunately, there are amazing groups such as the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance that are working to assist families that have fallen on hard times. I am so glad that this federal funding will help organizations working to make a difference in our community, and I'm proud of our state and our congressional delegation for advocating support for HUD programs that prevent homelessness. America can and must do more to address the issues that trap so many families in the cycle of poverty."
View a complete listing of HUD grantees and local programs by state by visiting the HUD's website
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Press Release:
Voting Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Worcester, Massachusetts
February 8, 2021

BOSTON A coalition of Black and Hispanic/Latino/a residents of Worcester today filed a federal voting rights lawsuit alleging that the City’s at-large system for electing School Committee members discriminates against communities of color. The plaintiffs also include community organizations Worcester Interfaith and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Worcester Branch.
According to the lawsuit, the use of an at-large system for all seats on the Worcester School Committee dilutes the voting power of minority voters in Worcester, violating the federal Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution.
Worcester is the second largest city in Massachusetts and second largest city in New England. Communities of color in Worcester make up nearly half of the City’s overall population (approximately 44%), with the largest minority populations being Hispanic/Latino/a (21.3%) and Black (12.1%). This represents an increase of 574% and 500%, respectively, of these populations since 1980. The student population of Worcester Public Schools, over which the School Committee presides, is even more diverse. In the 2019-2020 school year, 43.1% of students identified as Hispanic/Latino/a and 16.9% identified as Black or African American. Despite this composition and the rapid growth of the Hispanic/Latino/a and Black communities, Worcester’s six- member School Committee is all-white and with very few exceptions, has been all-white during the course of the City’s history.
The courts have ruled that at-large systems such as Worcester’s are unfair and illegal. Worcester’s winner-take-all system deprives communities of color of the opportunity to elect candidates of their choice,” said Oren M. Sellstrom of Lawyers for Civil Rights, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs.
The right of representation is fundamental to our democracy. Worcester’s communities of color deserve to have their voices heard, especially as crucial decisions are made by the School Committee directly impacting the children and families of those communities,” said Rebecca MacDowell Lecaroz, partner at Brown Rudnick LLP, who is leading a team of attorneys representing the plaintiffs on a pro bono basis.
The complaint filed today describes the City’s “polarized voting,” whereby the predominantly white voting electorate consistently defeats the candidates preferred by minority communities. The complaint cites the example of the 2019 election, in which the six School Committee candidates (all of whom were white) who received most support in the ten whitest precincts in the City all won election. By contrast, candidates of color who were strongly supported in the ten most diverse precincts in the City were unable to secure enough votes citywide to win office.
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Press Release:
Voting Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Worcester, Massachusetts
We have serious disparities in the Worcester Public Schools impacting our students of color who make up 70% of the schools’ population. These disparities are directly linked to policies that fall under the purview of our all-white School Committee, which is not accountable to communities of color. The current all at-large School Committee structure makes it impossible to have fair representation and policies and infrastructure needed for our students to thrive,” said Isabel Gonzalez-Webster, Executive Director of Worcester Interfaith. We need to change Worcester’s electoral system in order to have true representative democracy and to deliver equal educational opportunity to every Worcester Public School student.
“We need fair representation in the Worcester Public School System,” agreed Fred Taylor, President of the NAACP, Worcester Branch. “Changing the current election system regarding the School Committee would be a good start.
Nelly Medina, a Latina resident of Worcester and a plaintiff in the lawsuit, added, Without appropriate and equitable representation on the School Committee, Worcester’s communities of color will never get anywhere with creating the schools that our children deserve, especially around addressing racial disciplinary disparities.” Medina attended the Worcester Public Schools and she has a child currently attending Worcester Public Schools.
Worcester is the last large city in the Commonwealth to elect its School Committee through an all at-large plurality electoral system. Other cities and towns in the Commonwealth have moved to a system that includes at least some district-based seats. In a district-based system, a city is divided into a number of districts, and residents of each of those districts vote for their own representative on the School Committee (as Worcester currently does for some of its City Council members). In 2019, following two years of litigation, the City of Lowell settled a similar federal lawsuit filed by Lawyers for Civil Rights, ultimately agreeing to change to a district-based electoral system for both the School Committee and City Council.
Elected bodies should reflect the diversity of their communities and this lawsuit seeks to change Worcester’s School Committee election system to a fairer system, to provide opportunity greater diversity and neighborhood representation.
About Brown Rudnick LLP
Brown Rudnick combines ingenuity with experience to achieve great outcomes for our clients. We deliver partner-driven services, incentivize our lawyers to collaborate in the client’s best interest, and put excellence before scale. We have more than 250 lawyers and government relations professionals across the United States and Europe. Last year alone, the Firm represented clients based in more than 90 countries in disputes and transactions.
Brown Rudnick is deeply committed to public service. Pro bono work is an integral part of our culture. Our lawyers, paralegals, and professional staff dedicate their time and talents to help individuals and organizations pursue civil rights and racial justice and in other matters.
About Lawyers for Civil Rights
Lawyers for Civil Rights fosters equal opportunity and fights discrimination on behalf of people of color and immigrants. We engage in creative and courageous legal action, education, and advocacy in collaboration with law firms and community partners. We focus on impact areas that represent the front lines in today’s battle for equality and justice. LCR is headquartered in Boston. We represent clients across Massachusetts and surrounding communitiesand the impact of our life-changing work ripples across the country.
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Press Release:
Voting Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Worcester, Massachusetts
About NAACP Worcester
The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. From the ballot box to the classroom, thousands of dedicated members who make up the NAACP continue to fight for social justice for all Americans.
About Worcester Interfaith
Founded in 1993, Worcester Interfaith is a multi-issue, multi-racial broad-based community organization, comprised of 21 dues- paying institutions that reflect the religious, racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity of the City. Worcester Interfaith has built bridges between congregational and community leaders and across religious, socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic boundaries to accomplish much in the areas of jobs, neighborhood improvements, public safety, education and youth, and draw attention to the disproportionate ways in which these issues affect low-income and minority populations.
Media Contacts:
Paul Liu
Brown Rudnick LLP
+1 (617) 856-8200

Oren Sellstrom
Lawyers for Civil Rights
+1 (617) 988-0608
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Wpd recruitment flyer 2020
Wpd recruitment flyer 2020

Here it is!!!! Civil service has listed the police officers' exam for 2021.


Application Period Begins: January 27, 2021

Application Deadline: April 20, 2021*
Notices to Appear for Written Exam: TBD; See the Next Step below.

Written Examination Beginning Date: June 12, 2021

Score Release Date: TBD
Employment/Experience (E/E) Last Day to Appeal: TBD
Eligible List Established Date: TBD

Examination Processing Fee for ONLY Municipal Police and MBTA Transit Police: $100

Examination Processing Fee for ONLY State Trooper: $100

Examination Processing Fee for Municipal Police, Transit Police AND State Trooper: $150

*There is an additional $50 late fee for applications received after this date. Applications will not be accepted after May 4, 2021.

Written examination location: Various sites across the Commonwealth
Eligibility:    Entry-level, open to public


  Read texts on the preparation guide.
Apply for the 2021 Municipal Police Officer, MBTA Transit Police Officer and State Trooper Exam!

Notice to Appear for Examination: TBD
Two weeks before the examination date you will receive a notice to appear by e-mail.  The notice will tell you the location and the time to appear for your examination.  Please check your junk or spam mail folder for the e-mail before contacting this officer's

Score Release Date: TBD
You will receive your examination results by email.

Employment/Experience (E/E) Last Day to Appeal: TBD
Eligible List Established Date: TBD
When the eligible list is established you will be able to view your rank on the online list.


Find the application for 2021 Municipal Police Officer, MBTA Transit Police Officer and State Trooper exams/

Read about the exam information in the 2021 Municipal Police Officer, MBTA Transit Police Officer and State Trooper exams and find out if you’re eligible to take the exams.

Click Apply in the top right corner of the exam poster and follow the instructions to submit your application.

Once you’ve successfully submitted your application, you’ll see a Click to Pay button. Click the button to pay for your exam. Be sure to pay for the correct exam.
You’ll receive two confirmation emails when you’ve completed the process:

♦ an email confirming that your application has been received
♦ an email confirming that your payment has been received

Your application is not complete until you have received both confirmation emails. Once you receive the successful payment confirmation email, you may ignore the option to Submit Payment which may still be displayed in your account.

Exam link!

2021 Municipal Police Officer, MBTA Transit Police Officer and State Trooper Examination |

Please find the key dates and other information for the entry-level examination.

The New England Chapter of the National Association for Multi-ethnicity In Communications (NAMIC) has launched it “Best” awards to highlight inclusive, diverse projects, media and creative works initiated in New England.

For more information, see below or go to NAMIC New England's website, by clicking here
Submit your entry: The competition is is open for entries by communications professionals, creatives, corporations, micro-firms, nonprofits, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leaders for work completed in 2020.
Contact: Kamilah Avant (shown in photo) Email:

City Council Sends ShotSpotter Connect Proposal to Subcommittee

January 20, 2021
Contact:​ ​ All quotes attributable to Defund WPD
City Council Sends ShotSpotter Connect Proposal to Subcommittee
On Tuesday night, the Worcester City Council delayed the implementation of the controversial ShotSpotter Connect predictive policing proposal by sending the Chief and City Manager’s plan to the City Council’s Public Safety Committee for public review and discussion. City Council also instructed the City Manager to hold direct conversations with both Black Families Together and Worcester Interfaith, two community-based organizations actively working to address systemic racism within the Worcester Police Department.
Clearly, City officials did not fully comprehend this program. Many Councilors and Deputy Police Chief Paul Saucier conflated ShotSpotter Flex -- a program that the City already uses and pays for -- with the more expensive and expansive ShotSpotter Connect, the predictive policing program in question.
Officials also repeatedly insisted that without facial recognition or personal data, the AI could avoid racial bias in its decision-making. Unfortunately, these programs would rely on Worcester's historical crime data -- data which is inherently biased and prejudiced. As AI researcher Rashida Richardson says, ​“I don’t understand how [municipalities] can be actively dealing with settlement negotiations concerning racially biased practices and still think that data resulting from those practices is okay to use.”​ Considering Worcester’s segregated neighborhoods and the WPD’s own history in court, it seems likely that ShotSpotter Connect would make crime models based on faulty premises.
We thank Councilors King, Rivera, Rose, Rosen, and Russell for listening to their constituents, researching this issue on their own, parsing out the actual issues at hand, and encouraging further investigation.
In the wake of George Floyd’s murder last Spring, our city government promised reforms to the WPD. Instead, it has continued to accept the status quo: increasing the police budget, stonewalling investigations into police officer misconduct, avoiding discussions with the Board of Health, and remaining silent when the police chief claimed racism doesn’t exist in the WPD (even as multiple lawsuits demonstrate otherwise). Now, not only has city government increased the $53 million police budget by another $150,000, but it attempted to do so by side-stepping the transparency requirements of the budgetary process. We hope the Worcester community continues to join us in encouraging local government steer money away from policing and towards education, employment, housing, and public health.
Website​ | ​Twitter​ | ​Instagram​ |​ Facebook
Eblast 2021 world heritage
Preview Here                         Order Link
Black excellence academy flyer updated


For families with children in grades 1-6.  Unique opportunity to accelerate learning, improve self esteem and knowledge of Black History and Culture. This free virtual afterschool program has very limited seats.  Application link and flyer below. Stay well, Stacey 

Building pathways outreach flyer 2021

Contact Link

The Worcester Building Pathways Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program provides 8 weeks  of career exploration and hands-on exposure to the building trades and prepares participants for placement in a union apprenticeship.  We are partnered with several contractors looking for laborers, carpenters, iron workers, and many more trades!

•            Hybrid training will be held in Worcester and is scheduled to occur February 22 to April 16, 2021!
•            All applicants must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a driver’s license, physically be able to work in construction, be low-income, be authorized to work in the U.S. and consent to Drug Testing.
o            Preference given to women, minorities, and Worcester residents!

To apply to the program view flyer for more details.
  Left to right: Julianne Hertel Dream (Financial advisor, Dream Big Wealth Strategies LLC), Robyn Kennedy (Associate Executive Director, Mission, Programs & Community Impact), Roberta Brien (President YWCA Board of Directors).

Dear Friends,

We are living in extraordinary times. Our communities and future generations call us to action. If you have not Voted yet, you still have opportunities to Vote. We have just 4 days before Election Day. Your Vote is Your Voice.


1.Today is the last day of Early Voting in person. For a list of early voting locations visit  early voting search tool.

2. If you are voting by mail and have received your mail ballot, you can drop it off at One of the Following Vote by Mail Drop Boxes:

* Worcester City Hall - City Hall Garage Entrance and 1st Floor Entrance facing the Worcester Common.

* Drop boxes will be available at each Early Voting location during the scheduled voting hours.

* Drop boxes will be available at every Worcester Fire Station.

Additionally, if you would like to Support our Get Out The Vote Efforts, Please Sign up for our Phone and Text Banks this weekend.

a. Reach and text banking Halloween party on Saturday at 12:00:

b. Spanish-speaking volunteers only! Phone bank to Spanish-speaking voters on Saturday from 1:00-4:00.

Sign up at

GOTV phone bank Sunday from 10:00-1:00 and 4:00-7:00, Monday from 1:00-4:00, and Tuesday from 11:00-1:00 and 5:00-7:00 (RSVPs are linked to the times)
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call us at 781-913-4904


Sutton disput
The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office’s announcement1 of wage theft citations totaling $636,796 in penalties and restitution for 23 workers against three construction companies that had contracts to build the Sutton Police Station is a welcome conclusion to a long and painful experience for some of those that worked building it.
The members of Carpenter’s Local 336 would like to praise the hard work of the AG’s staff for closing this chapter and encourage municipalities to pass local wage theft ordinances to help prevent future wage theft occurences such as this.
We need to monitor more closely how our taxpayer dollars are being spent and make certain local municipalites have the ability to protect themselves. The fact that Federal OSHA health and safety inspectors and the Mass. Attorney General’s Office had to step in, first to protect workers’ lives and safety2 and then to protect some of the same workers from exploitation and wage theft on this project should be unacceptable to all of us and move us to action.
What happened in Sutton, happens far too frequently to other municipalities throughout Central Mass. and across the Commonwealth. We must all remain vigilante in addressing worker safety violations and wage theft and municipal leaders need to put in place stronger protections at the local level by implementing strong and firm local wage theft ordinances that help to keep companies that have been caught exploiting workers from just picking up and moving on to the next city or town.
More and more cities are putting local wage theft ordinances in place as preventative measures which will protect workers when a town or city builds a new school, library or firehouse as well as when a private developer comes to town and public tax dollars are used to finance the project through TIFs or tax credits.

Framingham is one community that wants to be pro-active. John Stefanini, a Framingham Councilor, believes now’s the time;
“We should care about how every tax dollar is spent, and we should be angered when our tax dollars end-up going to a fly-by-night contractor that engages in wage theft, robbing hard working men and women, and cheating local companies for the chance to compete. It’s for these reasons that I fully support the taxpayer and worker protections being considered by the Framingham Council.”
The fight against wage theft needs to be a shared effort between municipalities and our elected State Representatives and Senators. The members of Carpenters Local 336 recently endorsed Christine Creane in her Senate campaign because they believe Christine recognizes wage theft’s devastating effects on employees’ lives. Because of her many years as a member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 509, Christine stands strong against wage theft;
“Wage theft impacts many different industries, in addition to construction it is prevalent in low-wage food service and retail jobs. I fully support the work of the Carpenters Union and the AFL-CIO to educate municipalities on how they can better protect against wage theft happening in their communities. Local wage theft ordinances are a proposal I’m interested in seeing in every community.”
Organizers for Carpenters Local 336 will continue to visit work sites in Central Mass, as well as Western Mass. and Metro West to document unsafe work conditions, take complaints from workers victimized by wage theft and educate local elected offiicials on the importance of implementing wage theft ordinances to protect workers.
Carpenters Local 336 represents 2,000 members living in towns and cities across our state. Our members participate in a union because they believe it is the best way to protect their economic rights and dreams. So far in 2020, Organizers and staff for Local 336 have made over 1,080 job site visits as our part of protecting workers and holding developers and contractors accountable. Many of these job site visits took place this spring when construction workers were classified as “essential workers” and both union and non-union workers were told they needed to report to work.
1 Oct. 14, 2020 - Attorney General - $640,000 in wage theft and penalties in Sutton
2 Machados Construction Services Llc
2 E.D.M. Construction, Inc

Flag? Check. Mask? Check. Ready to vote? You bet!

By Whitney Johnson, Director of Visual and Immersive Experiences

“America needs to wake up,” Michael McAllister (pictured above) tells us while standing in line at a Brooklyn College polling site on the first day of early voting in New York. Photographer Stephanie Mei-Ling found this pent-up energy when she created his portrait and that of other voters this week in the Empire State.

If there’s one thing that distinguishes this U.S. election, it is how early and insistent citizens have been to practice democracy. In parts of the world, that energy to take part in political power has had to be submerged, reined in by oppression and force. Supporters of both U.S. presidential candidates speak urgently that their nation is under threat, too, beyond that of COVID-19—and that urgency has propelled electoral participation to a level that may be America’s highest in more than a century.

Below, we show a few of the people Stephanie photographed on assignment. Upstate in Rochester, Stephanie caught George McAllister (in red hat and mask, below) on his way to vote: “Black folks didn’t always have the right to vote,” he says. “People have died and marched. Why not use what they suffered for us to have?”

Randi Bragg, pictured below sitting with her mom and sister while waiting to vote in Brooklyn, agrees. “My vote matters because if I don't make that choice, someone is going to make it for me. I’d rather use my vote and make it count.”

Take a look at Stephanie’s images below and her full story with reporter Tucker C. Toole. Just four more days until Election Day!

(Clockwise from top left, George McAllister of Rochester; Alexander Navarro, standing in line at the Madison Square Garden polling station and saying he’s hopeful for change; Ben Hoffman, waiting to vote in upstate Scipio; and Estela Bragg, at center, with her daughters Randi and Leah, in Brooklyn.)

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Experience matters.  For 45 years, AdCare has provided life-changing substance use treatment.  AdCare … Your Recovery Begins Here.  
Mary k.   ed


(Worcester, MA, October 26, 2020) – Worcester resident, Mary W. Kingori, RN, nursing supervisor, is the recipient of AdCare Hospital’s Excellence in Patient Care Award. Ms. Kingori joined AdCare’s nursing team as a CNA in 2001 and went on to become a LPN, RN, nurse manager, and nursing supervisor.

  “Mary shows exceptional compassion for our patients that struggle with substance use disorder, said Kara Levinson, RN, BSN, director of nursing. “She is a true champion of patient care, always considering the patient’s needs first and strongly advocating for the patient.”  
Mary Beth Papcsy
Public Relations and Friends of AdCare Coordinator
AdCare Hospital
office: 508-799-9000, ext. 4058
107 Lincoln Street | Worcester | MA 01605
AdCare Hospital has honored Barrington, RI resident, Vanessa Farinha, office manager at AdCare Outpatient in North Dartmouth, MA, with the Excellence in Customer Service Award.  Ms. Farinha, who joined the AdCare North Dartmouth in 2012,

has been instrumental in setting the standard for customer service and always quick to learn new procedures such as telehealth.” said Mary Cochrane, LICSW, director of AdCare North Dartmouth. “Vanessa is outstanding in her professional demeanor and treats every patient with compassion while providing comprehensive service from the first phone call in the morning to the intake at the end of her day.” 

Experience matters.  For 45 years, AdCare has provided life-changing substance use treatment. In addition to a level-4 hospital in Worcester, MA, AdCare has a residential program in North Kingstown, RI, and provides comprehensive telehealth treatment through its outpatient programs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. AdCare … Your Recovery Begins Here.  

Contact:  Mary Beth Papcsy
AdCare Hospital
Media Relations
508-799-9000, ext. 4058


Seeking justice: The struggle to get justice for Breonna Taylor, fatally shot in her apartment by Louisville police, has brought together people nationwide. Several have been profiled by photographer Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, including Jamila (above), who did not want to give her last name. Speaking at a memorial to Taylor after weeks of protest, Jamila said: “Mentally, I’m a little drained, but I am looking to be the change I want to see. Even the small things that I do can affect change.”

National Geographic

Amplify Latinx Event
LATINEANDO: Celebrating The Power of Our Diversity During Latinx Heritage Month!

Join Amplify Latinx in celebrating the culmination of Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 -October 15) with a festive gathering honoring our 2020 Amplifiers. As part of the event registration, we will also give attendees the chance to select five Latinx-led non-profit Community Partners to receive a grant in recognition of their response to the most […]. RSVP:  Event Link
Screen shot 2020 10 10 at 5.00.36 pm

The Worcester Bravehearts have created an After-School Recess program

The Worcester Bravehearts have created an After-School Recess program that will run through mid-December to help promote physical activity, especially with children who are currently doing remote learning from home. Bravehearts After-School Recess takes place 3:00 - 6:00 PM daily at Recess Take 2, located at 216 West Boylston St. in West Boylston and is open to children between the ages of 6 and 12*. Each day of programming is supervised by Worcester Bravehearts staff members with help from employees of Recess Take 2. The program allows children the opportunity to play games and socialize with others in a safe and structured atmosphere. All physical distancing and sanitizing protocols are strictly enforced with guidance from the Board of Health. Enrollment is limited to adhere with the current restrictions regarding the congregation of groups indoors.

Recess Take 2 is a 20,000 square-foot indoor warehouse converted into an activity center with a baseball / kickball field, human foosball, giant Jenga, oversized chess, cornhole, Battleship, and many other games. Children can participate in all of these activities weekly along with new games introduced throughout the course of the program. If you'd like to register your child for a day or week of this after-school program, you can sign up below.
Screen shot 2020 10 10 at 5.01.26 pm

Join Here     Donate Here

We have a massive $250,000 goal for our Election Day Fund. This money will fund digital ads, registration drives, poll protection monitoring, and so much more. But without the necessary resources, we’ll risk having downsizing our programs! Can you chip in $25 today to help keep us on track?