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10to10 helpline poster
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Building pathways outreach flyer 2021

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The Worcester Building Pathways Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program provides 8 weeks  of career exploration and hands-on exposure to the building trades and prepares participants for placement in a union apprenticeship.  We are partnered with several contractors looking for laborers, carpenters, iron workers, and many more trades!

•            Hybrid training will be held in Worcester and is scheduled to occur February 22 to April 16, 2021!
•            All applicants must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a driver’s license, physically be able to work in construction, be low-income, be authorized to work in the U.S. and consent to Drug Testing.
o            Preference given to women, minorities, and Worcester residents!

To apply to the program view flyer for more details.

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Message From the President

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the holiday with your family and loved ones in a safe environment.

Stay safe & God Bless
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Free Small Business Resources and Support Webinar
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in partnership with the Small Business Administration and the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, is hosting a virtual lunch and learn to discuss free resources and support available to the small business community, as well as How To Do Business With Lockheed Martin.
Thursday, December 10, 2020
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Register Now

                                                   Link to Event

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                                                  On-Line Reservation 
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Tips, Tricks & Reminders
Please Wear Your Mask Over Your Mouth & Nose

Due to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and to ensure your safety and for ours, we please ask that all members and guests wear a face covering or mask at all times in the Whitin Community Center.

Your mask or face covering MUST cover your nose and mouth. If a mask is being worn improperly, staff will politely remind you to wear your mask to cover your nose and mouth. Thank you for your understanding.

If you, a family member or guest do not have a mask or face covering, it’s not a problem, we have masks available at the Members Services Desk for you! Just ask.

TRICK! Wear glasses over your mask
or face covering to prevent fogging!

"My husband and I always tell our friends what a great job the [Whitin] Community Center has done with all the COVID-19 restrictions in place, and how hard you all worked to ensure that we are safe." - Nancy R., WCC Member


Supersaas & Arrival Time

We are so excited to be expanding our Supersaas online reservation system at WCC! You will use Supersaas to make your reservation(s) for your favorite daily exercise options including; Aqua & Floor Aerobics classes, the Fitness Room, Lap Swim & Adult Exercise Swim times, Open Recreational Swimming & Basketball, Racquetball & Pickleball, Spin & more! Reservations can be made 48 hours in advance of the class and are reserved for Members only.

If you have not already set up an account with Supersaas, please follow the instructions by clicking the red button labeled "Supersaas Information".

Please remember to arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled class or activity. Due to Massachusetts State Regulations we are unable to have members and guests waiting inside or outside for a program to prevent congregating.
Supersaas Information
Supersaas Login

TIP! We now have two tablets in the Lobby for reserving your space for classes and activities in Supersaas, and Daily Pre-Screening.

Waiting For Your Class Or Activity

Massachusetts State Regulations prohibits customers from waiting in groups inside or outside a business to prevent congregating.

We ask that members and guests arrive at the WCC NO MORE than 10 minutes before your scheduled class or activity to prevent congregating.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your class or activity, staff will politely ask you to please wait in your car. Thank you for your understanding.

Fast Lane!
  • Do you always register through Supersaas for your class online?
  • Have you completed your one time COVID-19 Waiver?
  • Do you complete your daily Pre-Screening online before you come in?
  • Do you have your WCC Membership Card to scan in?

If you answered YES to all 4 of these questions you qualify for our Fast Lane!

Simply walk into the WCC using the Main Entrance, follow the purple and white "FAST LANE" signs & floor arrows to the far side of the Member Services Desk. Then scan your WCC Member Card, receive your color coded wrist band from a Member Services Representative for your activity or class, and you're off!

In the Lobby when you arrive for your class or activity, please stand on the green check marks to ensure social distancing while checking in at the Member Services Desk. Each check mark is 6ft apart.

REMINDER! Please be sure to scan your membership card in upon arrival, and out when leaving the WCC.

"I came to the [Whitin] Community Center for Lap Swim last week and I am so impressed with how well you are running the facility in the face of a pandemic. It felt very clean and safe!" - Nora S., WCC Member

Practice Social Distancing

For practicing social distancing throughout the WCC, please remember to keep a safe distance, at least 6ft between you and another member or guest.

In the Lobby when you arrive for your class or activity, please stand on the green check marks to ensure social distancing while checking in at the Member Services Desk. Each check mark is 6ft apart.

In the fitness room and in classes, please make sure there is 14ft between you and the next member or guest.

COVID-19 Waiver

All Members, guests and customers must complete this form prior to coming to the WCC. You will only be required to complete this from once.

NOTICE: THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT. Read this document carefully and in entirety. By signing this agreement, you give up your right to bring a court action to recover compensation or obtain any other remedy for any personal injury or property damage however caused arising out of your participation in George Marston Whitin Memorial Community Association, Inc. (“WCC”) Activities and Programs, now or at any time in the future.

COVID-19 Waiver

"I am super impressed with how "normal" things are looking even with all the new regulations." - BVCP Parent

Daily Prescreening Tool

Daily Prescreening Tool

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and based on Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Early Education and Care, Department of Public Health, and CDC guidance, the Whitin Community Center is requiring everyone coming to WCC to complete a DAILY SCREENING BEFORE arrival.

To complete the DAILY SCREENING either use this link, https://qrco.de/WHITINCC or the QR Code using a Personal Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. (Access to the questionnaire does require an internet connection or wireless access).

Thank you for helping us control the spread of COVID-19, helping to keep you and everyone safer.
For more information, please visit our website 
under COVID-19 Guidance & Reopening. 

Whitin Community Center
60 Main St. Whitinsville, MA 01588

Visit Our Website
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Register Here

National Federation of State High School Associations
PO BOX 690, Indianapolis, IN 46206

The Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education 
cce@qcc.mass.edu or call 508-751-7900

Health Care
Nurse Assistant
Medical Assistant
Personal Care Aid
Registered Behavior Technician
Opthalmic Assistant
Veterinary AssistantBusiness
Business Essentials
Leadership Skills
Managing the Virtual Workplace
Spanish for Professionals
Time Management
Project ManagementCareer
Become a Drone Pilot
Music Production Engineering
Real Estate Sales
Real Estate Broker
Gold Certified Personal Trainer

Check out our new ALL-YOU-CAN-LEARN subscription model in Microsoft Office and Advanced Manufacturing.

Benefits include: 
  • Access to ALL the classes included in the subscription
  • Start and stop classes at anytime during the subscription period
  • Create a learning path customized to your unique needs 

View More Classes and Register!
Register online or contact The Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education
cce@qcc.mass.edu or call 508-751-7900
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Holy Cross Alumni Education
Upcoming Online Opportunities

Stay connected to Holy Cross - and each other - through these upcoming
web-based offerings for alumni, parents and friends.

Office of Alumni Relations
One College Street
Worcester, MA 01610-2395
(508) 793-2418
Fallheader 9.30.20
Questions?  Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at either
alumni@holycross.edu or 508-793-2418

Office of Alumni Relations
One College Street
Worcester, MA 01610-2395
(508) 793-2418

Celebrating The Power of Our Diversity During Latinx Heritage Month!

October 15, 2020 @ 6:00 pm– 7:00 pm
Join Amplify Latinx in celebrating the culmination of Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 -October 15) with a festive gathering honoring our 2020 Amplifiers. As part of the event registration, we will also give attendees the chance to select five Latinx-led non-profit Community Partners to receive a grant in recognition of their response to the most […]RSVP  Event Link


Screenings at Entry Points

To help keep our patients and employees healthy by reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19, we are screening all patients and visitors coming into our medical offices. Everyone entering will be asked if they have symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

At the entrances of our facilities, patients and visitors will be asked to wear a mask and sanitize their hands. If you come with your own mask, we will ask you to wear the one we provide unless you’re wearing a clean, uncontaminated surgical mask. If you are wearing gloves, we will ask you to remove them for the duration of your visit, and then sanitize your hands.

In a world of COVID-19, getting your flu shot is more important than ever before.

With such dramatic changes in ours routines, agoraphobia could develop or become worse.

We accept 5 Medicare Advantage plans,as well as Original Medicare and most supplement plans.

Is this fact or fiction?
Work With Us!

If you want to be part of a leading and innovative health care organization, where growth and learning opportunities are abundant, check out all of our open positions:

Copyright © 2019 Reliant Medical Group, All rights reserved.

Reliant Medical Group | 5 Neponset StreetWorcester, MA 01606
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Worcester Historical Museum Triva Time


The Covid-19 Chronicles

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One on One: Dennis Gorman, attorney at Fletcher Tilton, guitarist for In-Xpensive Winos

WORCESTER — By day, Dennis Gorman works as an attorney at Fletcher Tilton PC, assisting clients in areas that include estate, trust, tax, charitable organizations and corporate practice.
At night, he can be found jamming on his guitar as a member of In-Xpensive Winos, a band that plays classic rock tunes by the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Jeff Beck and Foghat (to name a few) in clubs and at events, largely in Central Massachusetts and surrounding communities. In-Xpensive Winos will perform a fundraiser Friday at Fiddler’s Green, 19 Temple St., to benefit the nonprofit jazz radio station WICN 90.5-FM.
After graduating from St. Peter’s High School in Worcester, Gorman received his undergraduate degree in accounting from Nichols College, a master’s degree in taxation from Bentley University and his J.D. cum laude from Suffolk University. In 998 he joined Fletcher Tilton, Worcester’s oldest law firm.
Why did you go into law and was it something you always wanted to do?
I’m a CPA as well as a lawyer. When I was working in public accounting, one of my friends was going to law school and I got the idea to go into the field from him. Clients, when they were in dire straits, would call their lawyers before their accountants. It looked more interesting and challenging than what I was doing, so I decided to bite the bullet and go to school at night. I probably did 90 hours weekly for five or six years between getting my CPA and law degree.
What are your specialty areas and why did you focus on them?
Because I’m a CPA and had my master’s in taxes, I was able to get back to advising businesses and doing estate planning, estate and trust work. ... It was just a natural fit for my background.
When did your interest in music begin?
I was 7 or 8 when the Beatles came out in 1964. I’ve always loved music. My generation grew up with all the British bands. I took lessons in the early and mid-’60s for a while but then dropped it and always regretted that. About eight years ago, my son bought me a guitar for Christmas and so I immediately started taking lessons ... and went from there.
Then I formed a band, almost right from the beginning, because the only way you are going to get good at playing is if you get up in front of people. The band has evolved over time.
Tell us about the band and the music you play.
The band is called the In-Xpensive Winos. Keith Richards is my favorite musician and the Rolling Stones is my favorite band. One of Keith’s side projects was called X-Pensive Winos, so I used a variation of that name. We play classic rock from 1965 to the 1980s.
Janis Joplin, Credence Clearwater Revival, ZZ Top ... a lot of mainstream stuff. Largely we play in Worcester and surrounding towns. We played in Greenwich Village in New York City at the Bitter End. ... That was a blast. It’s the oldest club and we played there a month and a half after Lady Gaga went back to perform. It’s where she started out.
We just did a big show at the new Beer Garden Pavilion in Worcester, a really cool place.
What skills do you need to do both jobs? Are there similarities?
I’m kind of a front person in the band, although I have two lead vocalists. I sing a little bit but I tend to be the person on the microphone working the crowd.
I’m an outgoing person. In my profession, I think most successful lawyers are outgoing and at ease with people and able to communicate with them. I’ve been able to help develop a good following for the band ... being engaging and schmoozing.
Is there a standout experience from a concert you can share?
There was an instance when I was singing a song early on in my career and I completely forgot the words. I got brain fry so I just sang anything.
After the show, I asked people in the audience whether they picked up on that and they said, “Geez, no, we didn’t.” My guess is that musicians do that a lot and just have to wing it.