Daily Schedule Friday

6a          Unity in the Community
7a                   LABO
8a        Up Close w/ Monique
9a        Black in Business
10a      SuSanity Life
11a      Rising and Thriving with Armida
12n      Smooth Grooves
1p        Provoke
2p        Credit Finance/Wendy Love
3p        Thick Chick Comedy (L)
4p        Unity in the Community
5p        LABO (L)
6p        Groove Party - Music Mix
7p        Groove Party - Music Mix
8p        Groove Party - Music Mix
9p        Groove Party - Music Mix
10p      Thick Chick Comedy
11p      Cannabis 101
12n      Woo 508
1a        Groove Party - Music Mix
2a        Slow Jams
3a        Slow Jams
4a        Smooth Grooves
5a        Smooth Grooves

Friday 10am

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Susanity original
Cannabis101 1.15.20

Cannabis 101

9AM & 11PM