The Alliance Media Group (AMG) mission is to collaborate with area companies, educational institutions and organizations to benefit our community while serving the young adult population by developing and implementing media and technology programs and services throughout Central Massachusetts.

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Alliance Media Group will be supported by high school and college students. It is an innovative program dividing the participants into three (3) teams acting as various departments of a marketing/promotions company. The teams will have a concentration on media formats that will feature:

1. Graphic Design
2. Social Media Development
3. Audio/Video Production

The participants will be assigned to meet with clients, complete background research and perform various media projects under the guidance of the AMG staff.


The creation of Alliance Media Group was designed to overall support our community. In addition, attract the young-adults and professionals who are rapidly growing in Central MA. The Alliance Media Group will empower the participants to read, analyze, evaluate, and produce communications in a variety of media formats. Through these creative efforts, it will strongly encourage the participants to achieve success, feel a high sense of accomplishment with the technical skills and experience to advance in today’s digital economy and, in turn, become community leaders and positive role models. 

Kwaku Nyarko
Intern/Host of Gen Z

Name: Kwaku Nyarko

Age: 17

Where Am I From: I was born in Ghana, then came to the US when I was around 5 years old. I lived in the Southwest side of Worcester on Merchant Street next to Sullivan for a couple of years, then my family moved up near Forest Grove.

School: I am a senior at Doherty Memorial High School, former class president, and current valedictorian. This fall I’m looking to apply to some colleges, including West Point, Stanford, Northeastern, and the University of Richmond.

Future Plans: I really enjoy business, politics, and communications/debate. My long term goal is to become an entrepreneur and run my own business in the field of Biotech or Renewable Energy. In college, I think I will study Economics and Computer Science with a potential minor in Biotechnology. From there, I want to pursue further education in either Business school or Law school. Ultimately, I just want to maximize my potential as a person both socially and intellectually. If I’m fortunate enough to be able to provide for my family and retire early, I want to venture into philanthropic work, specifically in addressing the disparities in public education and prison recidivism.

How Unity Radio Helps Me Achieve My Goals: Working at Unity allows me to observe and develop the networking and communication skills necessary to develop strong relationships and skilled teams that accomplish what you set out to do. Unity Radio gives me inspiration for what I can do in the future but also for what I can do right now at just 17 years old. My experience at Unity Radio has helped me cultivate my own language and thinking skills so that I can effectively articulate ideas and persuade people which is crucial for the future leader and businessman I aspire to become.

Hobbies: I enjoy solving Rubik's cubes, listening to TED talks and podcasts like How I Built This, and reading Malcolm Gladwell's books. I’m also the varsity captain for Powerlifting and Cross Country which keeps me active. I like to stay involved in school and municipal politics through my positions on the school commitee and City Manager’s youth council. In my downtime, I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy or How To Get Away With Murder or First Take with Stephen A. Smith.
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Nico Angevin
Dynamy Intern

Name: Nico Angevin

Age: 18

Hobbies: Making music and hanging out with friends.

Where I am from: I was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia, then came to the US when I was 18 months old. I lived in Cambridge for two years until my mother and I moved to Dedham, where we live now.

School: I graduated my school in August 2019 from Shortridge Academy in Milton, NH. I am currently not looking for an colleges any the moment.

Future Plans: My long term goal is to be known all over the world and talked about. I want to pursue music production as a full time job, traveling the world playing for thousands I really enjoy music and always have from a young age. In 2018, I decided to pursue a musical career. My short term goal is to gain experience working at Unity Radio and make new friends and connections.

How Unity Radio Helps Me Achieve My Goals: Unity Radio will help me achieve my goals a good place for me to learn skills and gain experience within the area of music and production. I am very interested in working behind the scenes in anything music related and I feel like Unity is just the place for me to become the person I strive to become. 
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Will Sneider
Dynamy Intern

Name: William Sneider

Age: 18

Where am I from: I was born and raised in Brookline Massachusetts right outside the greater Boston area and have lived there my whole life. 

School: I recently graduated From Brookline High School, Class of 2019, and I will be attending Emerson College starting in the fall of 2020

Future Plans: In the future, I can see myself becoming a broadcaster or producer on a major sports show or working within a sports. At Emerson I will be studying sports communication to hopefully make a career out of it. Alternatively, I would love to work inside a top level sports organization like the Celtics or Patriots as a reporter or anylist.

How Unity Radio Helps Me Achieve My Goals: Working at Unity radio gives me the opportunity to be in a real production environment and get the experience I need to make it in this business. As Emerson is a major communications school with a major radio station, I am definitely going to get involved with that aspect of it, and Unity Radio is helping me gain an edge over other students.

Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy playing video games/sports with my friends, cooking, card games, and of course, sports. Sports have been a passion of mine since as long as I can remember and the statistical aspect of them. I can’t get enough of the numbers. Some TV shows I like are The Boys, Lucifer, Friends, and my favorite movie is Edge of Tomorrow.
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